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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Different Flooring Materials for Gym Flooring

If you are considering setting up a fitness center at home or contemplating on establishing a public gym for business, choosing the right gym flooring is the first thing that you need to address. Whether for residential or commercial properties, gym floor needs to be safe enough to protect you from injury while being sufficiently strong for combating the weight of heavy equipments. They should also be durable for enabling you to work out for prolonged periods. Here are some flooring materials options that you can sift through for installing a gym.

Flooring Materials

Laminate Flooring: Do not be thrifty in your choice of laminate flooring and go for good ones which, although might cost more at first will last much longer than the cheaper ones. Laminate flooring has enough padding underneath to withstand stress and weights of the heavy machines. Heavy-duty laminates are great choices for basketball courts as well as commercial gymnasiums. To make the gym floor scratch and dent resistant, installing floor protectors can be a good investment.

Carpet Flooring: A cheaper option to laminate flooring is carpet tiles or carpet flooring which has the capacity to absorb shocks, is sound-proof to some extent as well as appealing in looks. Carpet tiles of the commercial varieties are tougher than their residential counterparts, while also being comfortable to step and workout on.

Wooden Flooring: Wood flooring has always been appreciated for its versatility, elegant looks, strength and durability. The pliancy and bouncy nature of wooden floors make it a coveted choice for gym floors, in spite of its high cost.

Rubber Flooring: The best choice for gym floor material however, remains that of rubber flooring. Reputed companies like LG Hausys offers a variety of rubber flooring choices, with ample color choices ranging from serene blues to vibrant reds You can choose between rubber floor rolls which can be placed as carpets or rubber tiles with interlocking systems which are easy to install as well. The cushiony effect of rubber is perfect to protect you from wounds and injuries while working out while, also preventing the floor underneath from getting maimed.

A recent trend in gym floor material choices has been that of synthetic floors like Poured Urethane which are less costly and more durable too.

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