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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Benefits of Vinyl Flooring in Residential and Commercial Uses

If you are considering having vinyl flooring installed in your home or commercial property, it is without a doubt one of the best decisions you will ever make. The range of advantages that it offers is quite vast – high durability, enhanced versatility, moisture- and stain- resistance, cost-effectiveness, easy maintenance, and many more.

Let’s take a look at these benefits in detail:

1. Durability: Vinyl flooring is durable and can withstand a considerable amount of heavy traffic. This is why homeowners choose to prefer vinyl tiles or sheets over other materials for their kitchens and baths.

2. Versatility:
Vinyl color and pattern options are virtually limitless. Manufacturers often combine composite and solid vinyl to craft a number of unique designs. An even more versatile option is printed vinyl as it can easily be made to look like natural stone and hardwood along with many others.

3. Resistance: Impervious to water penetration, well-installed vinyl flooring is a perfect solution for bathrooms and laundry rooms. In addition, it also restricts the entry of stains and is softer and more comfortable to stand/walk on without much noise.

4. Cost-effectiveness:
  Two factors determine the cost-effectiveness of vinyl flooring – quality and personal requirement. The installation charges are much cheaper than those of other materials. And because vinyl tiles are durable, you can really save up on replacement costs by choosing these for your property.

5. Maintenance: Vinyl flooring is comparatively easier to maintain. Make sure you keep the tiles clean from dirt with the use of damp mop and quality cleaning solution.

Now that you are equipped with the above advantages, all that is left for you to do is grab the keys and head over to the nearest authorized dealer to buy these high-quality vinyl tiles.

How to Take Care of Your UPVC Doors and Windows?

Since uPVC windows and doors provide us with the best features – durability, energy-efficiency and quality of living – it is only fair that we ensure proper upkeep of these prized possessions. Regular maintenance and care will ascertain that they remain as new as ever.

Some of the many ways which can be used to maintain your uPVC furnishings include:
a. Windows frames should be cleaned using a soft cloth and mild soap and water solution. Wipe them dry to ensure that no residue leaves behind. Avoid using harsh abrasives or acid-based cleaners as they can do permanent damage to the frames.

b. uPVC glasses are generally made of exceptional quality. Cleaning them would require the use of only non-coarse, non-detergent based solutions and soft sponges to get the clear and smooth finish. One can also polish the glasses with newspapers to get rid of streak marks.

c. If the windows and doors are older in age, consider using cream cleaners that are non-abrasive. Purchase a cleaner from your authorized uPVC window manufacturer to be sure of the quality. Avoid using the cream directly on the glass and rub off the excess remnants with a soft roller.

d. For sliding doors and windows, and their locks and hinges, use good quality lubrication oils and sprays. In addition to this, regularly keep a check on door and window seals to ensure that there is no development of cracks and gaps.

If you haven’t cleaned your uPVC windows and doors lately, then it’s time to grab your cleaning kit and get some work done. Live it up in style with these handy tips!

For colorful design options:

Design Your Floor Coverings with Flooring Tiles and Sheets

Flooring is considered to be a unifying element that not only sets the tone of a room but also binds together other elements that make a space whole. There are many factors that people take into account before selecting floor coverings for their home/business properties:
  • High vs. low traffic areas
  • Wet vs. dry areas
  • Insulation requirements
  • Sub-flooring variations
Moreover, the flooring materials manufactured today carry their own sets of unique characteristics that make choosing the perfect material quiet tricky. So, let’s take a look at some of the available options and their features.

1. Porcelain:
Porcelain flooring tiles are more popular for kitchens as these are highly stain-resistant. Choosing darker and neutral shades will not only hide stains and spills better but also bind everything in the room together.

2. Mosaic:
Mosaic tiles are preferred for smaller spaces, one popular among them being bathrooms. Smaller mosaic tiles are really simple to install and provide excellent traction.

3. Natural Stone: Natural stones are excellent for outdoor flooring. Because they come from nature, they are great at withstanding weather elements. One popular choice in natural stone is slate as it is provides better grip than other materials like marble or travertine.

While purchasing a flooring material, it is important to skim through the manufacturer’s guide to gauge a material’s characteristics, pros and cons, and maintenance needs. Every floor covering requires the necessary care for it to last for longer durations of time. So, discover those flooring needs, map your favorite options out and treat your feet to something exquisite to walk on.

Add Beauty and Glory to your House with Acrylic Solid Surface Stone

Choosing an acrylic solid surface for your bath or kitchen is an excellent choice. These manufactured acrylic stones have a number of beneficial qualities that make them a preferred choice for many homeowners over other materials such as granite or wood.

Those who are wishing for solid surfacing will find acrylic stones really appealing. Acrylic-made solid surfaces are stain resistant, easy to maintain and restrain mold, mildew and bacteria. Available in more than 100 colors, some stones also imitate other materials such as concrete and marble.

The many characteristics that make acrylic solid surfaces so attractive to home owners are illustrated below:

1. Acrylic stones are highly customizable. The stone edges can be shaped into numerous interesting options. The stones can also be personalized in varying earthy neutrals and bright hues.

2. As an extension to the first point, you can get these stones cut, reshaped, molded, sculpted or curved in different designs to achieve any style you desire.

3. These stone surfaces give the appearance of silky smooth finish and can also come instilled with metallic specking and remarkable veining patterns.

4. These stones are also available in eco-friendly options where you can get stones containing 15 percent recycled content.

5. Acrylic stones are non-porous so they don’t require additional sealing treatments like many other natural materials do.

6. It is also quite easy to install sinks in acrylic surfacing. Drop-in, under-mount and vessel-style sinks can effortlessly be installed without damaging the stones.

Acrylic stone surfaces don’t have many downsides. They add personality to kitchens and baths and deliver quite an exquisite experience that last for years together.

For design options in  acrylic solid surface:

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Residential Flooring - The Best Choice of A Sensible Homeowner

Selecting suitable residential flooring can be a daunting task for a homeowner; especially first timers can get baffled due to the myriad of choices available in the market. But one has to select a flooring solution on the basis of practicality and personal taste so that the end result is durable and stylish at the same time.

There are several types if residential flooring such as resilient flooring (vinyl, linoleum, VAT tiles), man-made stone flooring solutions (quarry tiles, terrazzo, glazed ceramic, paving tile, Mexican tiles, concrete) and natural stone tiles (marble, slate, granite).

But before going for any of these flooring types, one has to place a few questions on the floor or room where flooring has to be done such as number of footfalls in the room or hallway, ease of cleaning for specific areas like toilets and kitchens as well as look and appeal desired out of a room such as a bed room. Since areas like the bathroom experience lots of moisture, Linoleum, ceramic tile, limestone, marble and granite are advisable for this area. Linoleum flooring is affordable and easy-to-clean; besides it comes in countless designs to suit the tastes of an individual. Ceramic tiles are also a great option for hallways and bedrooms; these are also low maintenance flooring solutions that come in a wide range of designs that offer durability due to a dent resistant surface. Natural wood looks great in kitchen for it adds an element of homeliness to the area. In case you go for it, make sure that you invest in a high quality protective finish on the wood. After all it is your call, so select a good quality residential flooring for a lasting impression.

For more details on residential flooring:

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Sliding Windows: Choosing Right Kind to Replace the Old Windows

No house is complete without a beautiful window because good-looking windows smarten the fa├žade of a home, as well as enhance property value. UPVC window and door fittings are the best-quality window fitments available in the market that give homes with energy-efficiency along with attractiveness. Of all the UPVC window designs in the market today, sliding windows are a highly preferred design after the conventional casement windows. These windows slide along a track inside the window frame and they might consist of many tracks depending on the number of panels on the window. All sliding windows open horizontally thereby offering the homeowners with a clear view of their garden or surrounding area.

Correctly chosen sliding windows for home renovation projects are great replacement fitments; they come in all types if sizes ranging across small openings with single panels to floor-ceiling ones. They can also be installed in new homes right on day one as the first window! But before ordering for a sliding window fitment one has to consider a few vital points ranging across ventilation, beauty, cost, safety and energy efficiency.

India is a country that experiences tropical climate all through the year so windows in these homes must be placed inside the house. Only then they will be least exposed to harsh sun rays, monsoons and temperature shifts in winters. That is why sliding windows are the best for Indian homes. Best part is that they allow sufficient light and fresh air in through 100% ventilation; one can go for oppositely places sliding windows in a single room for cross-ventilation. These can be fitted with double glazed glass for high insulation and energy efficiency. Moreover, low maintenance sliding windows have an in built steel frame that can be further fortified with multiple locks on the panels for enhanced safety. So choose one correctly for your home today!

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How to locate UPVC Windows Manufacturer in Chennai and Delhi

Locating a good quality UPVC window manufacturer and supplier in Indian cities like Delhi and Chennai is very important. This is because the weather in these regions demands window replacement projects; because regular wooden and aluminium windows fitted in homes in these regions cannot sustain the harsh climatic drifts and weather changes.

In order to find a good UPVC window manufacturer in Delhi and Chennai, you have to follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Quality of products and servicesoffered by window manufacturers differs from company to company in India. So a building owner must carry out sufficient groundwork regarding the company’s reputation and quality of products; this can be done by contacting previous clients and the dealers. The products must be made up of international quality materials for a sturdy window fitting.
  • The manufacturer must offer customised window fitment solutions so that the UPVC window harmonizes with any type of interior decor. Such a co-ordination must range across window shape, size as well as colour.
  • Good manufacturers of UPVC windows and doors generally carry out the installation process in a mess free way; besides the job is closely monitored by supervisors from the company. Most companies also deliver factory finished made-to-measure products that are delivered right at the door step.
  • Lastly, the company must offer first preference to customer satisfaction. The customer must be treated royally and all specific demands must be catered. They must also have a 24x7 customer care department where all customer queries get immediately addressed.

Besides ensuring that the UPVC window manufacturer caters to all the above points one must also note that the company has offices and dealerships located within Delhi and Chennai. For this property owners can carry out a search online or directly visit the window manufacturer’s outlet within their city.