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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Solid Surface Countertops: Features And Application Areas

The popularity of solid surface countertops has been increasingly on the rise in recent years and there is good reason for that. Because they offer a number of positive features as well as usage options they tend to be a natural choice for most homes and even commercial properties.

For anyone who is considering incorporating these solid surface tops to any section of the property, it dos make sense to first try and research the exact features as well as advantages on offer. Once those have been explored possible application areas can be considered and decided upon accordingly.

Given that, here are the features that these solid surface countertops offer:

HI- MACS - Solid Surface
HI- MACS Solid Surface


-One of the biggest and most tangible features of these solid surface countertops is the fact that they are extremely tough and strong. This means that they last long and are able to resist wear and tear in high usage areas for a much longer time.

-They are also moisture and heat resistant. Plus, they do not stain which is a huge advantage.

-A beautiful feature of these solid countertops is hat they can be molded into any shape and for anyone looking for a seamless installation this should be the material of choice.

-These tops are very easy to clean and also because of they repel moisture, growth of bacteria and mold is eliminated leading to a more hygienic space.

Solid Surface Countertops
Solid Surface Countertops

Coming to Applications:

Solid surface tops can be used as countertops for kitchens and bathrooms, as sinks vanity tops and bathtubs etc. Commercial usage includes bars, tables, counters, receptions desks meeting tables etc. In fact given the durability and versatility of design and color they can be used as surface material for almost any given space.

Want to use solid surface tops in your property? Choose one from the many options available and get going today!

Monday, 11 August 2014

Give Your Home Interior a Global Look

When it comes to the interior of ones’ home everybody has individual taste and style. Talking about a global look, it is important to understand that global for each person means something else. While for one individual it could mean incorporation of global and international trends into the home for someone else it might mean collecting artifacts from locations all over the world and putting them into the home.

That being said, in a generalized sense, getting a global look will typically point towards designing a home with interior material and trends that are popular on the global platform.

Given this point here are a few tips on how to give your home a global look:

Take for example the décor in the picture above. Modern contemporary lines, both when it comes to structure as well as the furniture are evident. While one cannot term this as an absolute but more and more people are inclined towards cleaner and simpler lines when it comes to decorating nowadays. The good thing is, the choice for material is plenty. Whether one is looking for Korean material for interior design or something more on the lines of European with the right research and budget almost everything is available everywhere.

Or take for example this option above. This could be a home anywhere in the world. While the furniture is more westernized the cushion covers compliment with a more ethnic traditional design.

The point is to know what you want and then keep a keen eye out for it. All the time and effort invested will result in a beautiful home to enjoy.

Want a global looking home? Follow the tips above and be well on your way to getting one today!

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Advantages of Double Glazing for Windows

Glazed windows are increasingly becoming a popular consideration in the choice of glasses for windows and doors. They offer many advantages, the prime being energy efficiency. Glazed windows can be installed in all window styles ranging from casement windows to sliding windows to French windows designs.

What are Glazed windows?

Glazing refers to installation of multiple glass panes with air gaps in between that are filled with gas or still air. Glazing can be double and triple using two and three glasses respectively to form a single window pane.

Benefits of Using Double or Triple Glazed Windows

They provide excellent energy efficiency. Due to the presence of air gaps between them they are able to create a reverse effect vis-à-vis the outside temperature. In summers they keep the interiors a few degrees cooler and in winters they keep the room heat from escaping. This helps save on energy bills since lesser artificial cooling and heating is required.

These double glazed glasses are sealed securely and therefore they help reduce medium to high decibel outside noise. This keeps your interiors much quieter even if your house is off the road.
Glazed glasses offer higher security too. Since they are made of multiple glasses sealed together, it’s difficult to break through them. Hence it offers considerable safety too.

The benefits of using glazed window panes can be witnessed only after using them. For those who have experienced its benefits, they admit that they would never settle for anything else.

Have you tried using glazed windows for your home? How has the experience been? Do you think they are worth the investment? Share your thoughts and takes with us; we’d love to hear from you.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Popular Residential Flooring Options That Are Eco-friendly Too

The awareness about conserving the environment is rising by the day. The fact that more and more people switching to electric cars, students investing in recycled stationery, industries engaging into Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), etc. are all signals that we are increasingly becoming aware of the environment’s significance.

Homeowners and interior designers are also adopting the winds of change by preferring the use of eco-friendly building materials in their homes. This has given rise to a lot of building material companies to come up with eco-friendly building materials. Residential flooring for one has seen a lot of new eco-friendly options emerge in the market.

Here are a few that are rapidly gaining importance:

>>Cork flooring made from the bark of the Oak trees of the Mediterranean
>>Bamboo flooring made from the bamboo tree stems
>>Linoleum flooring made from a combination of ground limestone,    pigments, wood flour, tree resins, cork
>>dust and linseed oil.
>>Glass tiles made from recycled glass bottles
>>Concrete flooring
>>Wool carpet flooring
>>Polyester (P.E.T.) Berber made of recycled plastic bottles
>>Rubber flooring made of recycled tires
>>Leather flooring made of cowhide
>>Reclaimed wood made of wood that has been chopped long time ago.

What flooring are you considering for your home space? Which one of the above do you think is the best flooring one can have for a room space? Share your thoughts and experiences with us.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Benefits of Vinyl Flooring in Residential and Commercial Uses

If you are considering having vinyl flooring installed in your home or commercial property, it is without a doubt one of the best decisions you will ever make. The range of advantages that it offers is quite vast – high durability, enhanced versatility, moisture- and stain- resistance, cost-effectiveness, easy maintenance, and many more.

Let’s take a look at these benefits in detail:

1. Durability: Vinyl flooring is durable and can withstand a considerable amount of heavy traffic. This is why homeowners choose to prefer vinyl tiles or sheets over other materials for their kitchens and baths.

2. Versatility:
Vinyl color and pattern options are virtually limitless. Manufacturers often combine composite and solid vinyl to craft a number of unique designs. An even more versatile option is printed vinyl as it can easily be made to look like natural stone and hardwood along with many others.

3. Resistance: Impervious to water penetration, well-installed vinyl flooring is a perfect solution for bathrooms and laundry rooms. In addition, it also restricts the entry of stains and is softer and more comfortable to stand/walk on without much noise.

4. Cost-effectiveness:
  Two factors determine the cost-effectiveness of vinyl flooring – quality and personal requirement. The installation charges are much cheaper than those of other materials. And because vinyl tiles are durable, you can really save up on replacement costs by choosing these for your property.

5. Maintenance: Vinyl flooring is comparatively easier to maintain. Make sure you keep the tiles clean from dirt with the use of damp mop and quality cleaning solution.

Now that you are equipped with the above advantages, all that is left for you to do is grab the keys and head over to the nearest authorized dealer to buy these high-quality vinyl tiles.

How to Take Care of Your UPVC Doors and Windows?

Since uPVC windows and doors provide us with the best features – durability, energy-efficiency and quality of living – it is only fair that we ensure proper upkeep of these prized possessions. Regular maintenance and care will ascertain that they remain as new as ever.

Some of the many ways which can be used to maintain your uPVC furnishings include:
a. Windows frames should be cleaned using a soft cloth and mild soap and water solution. Wipe them dry to ensure that no residue leaves behind. Avoid using harsh abrasives or acid-based cleaners as they can do permanent damage to the frames.

b. uPVC glasses are generally made of exceptional quality. Cleaning them would require the use of only non-coarse, non-detergent based solutions and soft sponges to get the clear and smooth finish. One can also polish the glasses with newspapers to get rid of streak marks.

c. If the windows and doors are older in age, consider using cream cleaners that are non-abrasive. Purchase a cleaner from your authorized uPVC window manufacturer to be sure of the quality. Avoid using the cream directly on the glass and rub off the excess remnants with a soft roller.

d. For sliding doors and windows, and their locks and hinges, use good quality lubrication oils and sprays. In addition to this, regularly keep a check on door and window seals to ensure that there is no development of cracks and gaps.

If you haven’t cleaned your uPVC windows and doors lately, then it’s time to grab your cleaning kit and get some work done. Live it up in style with these handy tips!

For colorful design options:

Design Your Floor Coverings with Flooring Tiles and Sheets

Flooring is considered to be a unifying element that not only sets the tone of a room but also binds together other elements that make a space whole. There are many factors that people take into account before selecting floor coverings for their home/business properties:
  • High vs. low traffic areas
  • Wet vs. dry areas
  • Insulation requirements
  • Sub-flooring variations
Moreover, the flooring materials manufactured today carry their own sets of unique characteristics that make choosing the perfect material quiet tricky. So, let’s take a look at some of the available options and their features.

1. Porcelain:
Porcelain flooring tiles are more popular for kitchens as these are highly stain-resistant. Choosing darker and neutral shades will not only hide stains and spills better but also bind everything in the room together.

2. Mosaic:
Mosaic tiles are preferred for smaller spaces, one popular among them being bathrooms. Smaller mosaic tiles are really simple to install and provide excellent traction.

3. Natural Stone: Natural stones are excellent for outdoor flooring. Because they come from nature, they are great at withstanding weather elements. One popular choice in natural stone is slate as it is provides better grip than other materials like marble or travertine.

While purchasing a flooring material, it is important to skim through the manufacturer’s guide to gauge a material’s characteristics, pros and cons, and maintenance needs. Every floor covering requires the necessary care for it to last for longer durations of time. So, discover those flooring needs, map your favorite options out and treat your feet to something exquisite to walk on.